See You In My Nightmare

Chip Tha Ripper- Xtra Xtra


Dont sleep on this dude man.. hes coming out with a new mixtape soon. he has few out already. If you downloaded A Kid Named Cudi then you’ve heard him before.

Chip Tha Ripper- Xtra Xtra


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Lil’ Wayne- February 18th


Another day, another Wayne Song you can stop this guy. His work ethic is crazy.


Lil’ Wayne- February 18th

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K-Os- 4,3,2,1


K-Os is really sick he’s been around for awhile now. his 4th CD Yes! is coming out March 31st, 2009

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Kanye West- Welcome To Heartbreak Ft. Kid Cudi

  1. Kid Cudi is gonna kill almost everybody this year
  2. Kanye West is GREAT and noone can tell me anything other than that!
  3. No this video isn’t messed up thats the way they made it.

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Drake- Congratulations














A bonus track from So Far Gone  this song is real real sick!

Drake- Congratulations


and if u haven’t downloaded So Far Gone PLEASE DOOOOO!! it might be the best mixtape this year..IMO

Drake-So Far Gone

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The Greatest

ohk so i was looking around the intranet last nite and i came across alot of Tupac stuff and then i start listening to alot of his music and i realized he was great.. no joke..his thoughts, the way his words aare still somewhat relevant as of today. and how he mentioned dieing all of those time like he knew how he was going to die. its weird. and i dont know if anyone else has noticed but who else really has rhymes like him? who else is as relevant as he is. yah there are alot of rappers who speak whats on their minds, some actually tell you you whats happening in our counrty, state, city, world and i love that. im not saying i hate bay shit or club jams whatever you wanna call them but. Pac brought the heat everytime how many of his songs have you heard where hes talking about his cars and shit like that? im just getting my thoughts out no one has to agree with me. im just saying he is probably one of the greatest if not THE greatest.

there are few on my list of greats..

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Shwayze- Rich Girls


1. Intro
2. Rich Girls
3. Boomerang
4. What Kind Of Car Do You Drive? (Ft. Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy)
5. What Am I Doing Here?
6. Du Radio
7. Gotta Go
8. Fancy Cars
9. Call Me What You Want
10. Shotgun (New Orleans Demo)

Rich Girls Mixtape

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E-40- The Best That Ever Did It Mixtape




1. Intro Wicked Prince Mix
2. Snap Ya fingfaz (Wicked Rmx)
3. Break Ya ankles f_ Shawty lo & Diamond
4. Captain Save a Hoe
5. One Blood Rmx
6. Sprinkle Me
7. The Recipe f_ Gucci Mane & Bun B
8. Get Silly Remix (Wicked Prince Blend)
9. Snippet from 247HH
10. Wake it Up f_ Akon (Wicked Prince Edit)
11 Give her the Keys Ft. T.Pain
12 Tell Me When To Go Remix Ft. Kanye West
13 Yay Area (Wicked Prince Edit)
14 Got Rich Twice f_ Turf Talk
15 Turf Drop f_ Lil Jon
16 Pain No More f_ The Game & Snoop Dogg

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Common- Punk Drunk Love Ft. Kanye West

Off of Common’s new CD out December 9th!!!! annnddd if you gooo to commons website Thinkcommon.com on December 9th only u can buy his whole cd for 99 Cents!! no joke!

enjoy this one! produced by The Neptunes

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Lil’ Wayne- Red Magic Ft. The Game


dont worry im not claiming anything im just posting this song because its something you might like playboy/girl



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