See You In My Nightmare

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The Greatest

ohk so i was looking around the intranet last nite and i came across alot of Tupac stuff and then i start listening to alot of his music and i realized he was great.. no joke..his thoughts, the way his words aare still somewhat relevant as of today. and how he mentioned dieing all of those time like he knew how he was going to die. its weird. and i dont know if anyone else has noticed but who else really has rhymes like him? who else is as relevant as he is. yah there are alot of rappers who speak whats on their minds, some actually tell you you whats happening in our counrty, state, city, world and i love that. im not saying i hate bay shit or club jams whatever you wanna call them but. Pac brought the heat everytime how many of his songs have you heard where hes talking about his cars and shit like that? im just getting my thoughts out no one has to agree with me. im just saying he is probably one of the greatest if not THE greatest.

there are few on my list of greats..

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